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Why Eyes Water?

September 22, 2021

Eyes Water due to a natural system. Otherwise, eyes dry up and cause problems. There is little information on why the eyes are watery or wet. Also, ne or both of these conditions could affect one or both eyes.

  • Conjunctivitis or pink eye?
  • Blocked punctum. Punctum is the entry point for the outflow path of tears.
  • A blocked naso–lacrimal drain can be found further down. This can be caused by an infection in the lacrimal sac, or a broken nose.
  • An abnormal growth of lashes inwards from an older stye can cause eyelashes to turn inward.
  • The abnormal eyelid. An abnormal eyelid can either turn in (spastic-entropion), or out (flaccid realtropion).
  • Extreme cold sensitivity. The cornea has both cold and pain fibers.
  • Corneal scarring or infection. Moreover, this is the most serious condition and requires immediate treatment.
  • Normal nerve conduction can occur due to eating or after a stroke or Bell’s Palsy.

Sometimes, people can identify the cause of their tearing. Also a good eye exam is essential to determine the cause of your tearing and offer suggestions for treatment. Sometimes, you might need to visit an oculoplastic specialist. Don’t suffer in silence.

Shut Eye for Eyes Water

Also, shuteye is the next step for Eyes Water. This is not the same as a dry, tender eyelid. I am referring to a good night of sleep. Eye health is dependent on sleep. A relaxed body and retina can recover from the many hours spent in the sun and flush out free radicals. When the liver is not working during the day, it can restore optimal ocular function.

Blue light technology also has an adverse effect on the eye. It causes insomnia. It can help you return to your normal 24-hour wake-sleep cycle. You should wear these glasses worn for one hour each day to restore your eyesight within 7-10 days.

Article by Dr. Rob Abel, Jr., is nationally recognized as a teacher of conventional eye treatment. He co-founded the alternative medicine curriculum of Thomas Jefferson University, where he was a former clinical professor in ophthalmology. Dr. Abel is an active member of Cooper Complete’s nutritional advisory board and was instrumental in the creation of Cooper Complete Eye Health.