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Learn About Supplements for Animals & Cooper Complete Vitamins

September 22, 2021

Customers all Over United States purchase Cooper Complete vitamins and supplements. However, one customer is not common. Three Cooper Complete products have been used by Dallas Zoo since 2009 to treat the special needs of a handful of animals. Kerri Slifka MS, Dallas Zoo’s Curator for Nutrition, explains how certain supplements and a nutrient rich diet can help support the health of a few of Dallas Zoo’s most beloved animals.

As the Curator of Nutrition, what is your role at Dallas Zoo?

Dallas Zoo’s also has a full-time nutritionist, I create and evaluate diets for all the animals. I consider physiological state (pregnancy, growth, lactation, egg laying, etc. I consider the following: activity level, body condition/weight and social dynamics. Moreover, each species is unique and I tailor the diet to suit their needs.

The Animal Nutrition Center is also under my control. I also manage the food budget. Every day, the Nutrition staff prepares and delivers diets to 2000 animals.

Dallas Zoo also participates beyond its own animals. I am the Nutrition Advisor for three species survival plans. Also, I sit on the steering group of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Nutrition Advisory Group. I am also a member of Comparative Nutrition Society which includes individuals from industry, academia, and field researchers.

Which animals receive supplements, what do they receive, and why?

The diet I have created should not need any additional supplements. Cooper Complete supplements are available to meet the needs of certain animals (egg-laying, geriatric, and skin conditions).

  • To ensure that eggs are properly laid and healthy chicks, Cooper Complete Vitamins Calcium Citrate is given to animals that lay eggs. Additional calcium may be given to long-legged birds’ chicks on an individual basis.
  • To prevent loss of nutrients from fish storage, it is important to supplement fish-eating animals with Vitamin E and Thiamin. Commercial products now cover tis nutritional combination.
  • Every day, all primates are provided with a daily human multivitamin/mineral supplement.
  • Cooper Complete Joint Health is available to some of our elderly animals, as recommended by our veterinarian staff.
  • Cooper Complete Advanced Omega-3 has been applied to various skin conditions in animals. Our veterinary staff also recommends this product.

What benefits have you seen in the animals that take Cooper Complete supplements?

Cooper Complete Joint Health has shown mobility improvements in great apes. You can use the Cooper Complete Advanced Omega-3 supplement to treat skin conditions. The animals seem to experience a significant improvement in their mobility while on the supplement. Cooper Complete Calcium Citrate is a high quality calcium citrate that ensures birds have strong bones and eggs with high quality shells.


Why do you choose to purchase Cooper Complete Vitamins?

Cooper Complete was first recommended by one of our vets to treat a joint problem. The effectiveness impressed us. We tried what worked for our staff when we needed a joint supplement to one of our gorillas. Cooper Complete Calcium Citrate is more bioavailable. In comparison to regular calcium carbonate. You can easily administer it to animals.

Do you have any Cooper Complete Vitamins suggestions for people with pets?

Give your pet a high-quality, balanced diet and ensure they visit a vet when necessary.

Any other interesting information about zoo animal nutrition that you would like us to share?

Only 16 North American zoos have a full-time nutritionist to care for their collections. This field is newer than human nutritionists. It has been around for only 25 years.

Most people associate supplements for animals with products that they would purchase from their vet. Many human supplements can be wonderful for animals, and provide solutions to certain conditions that pets, dogs, or cats might face.