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How To Stop Feet From Stinking & The Impact of Zinc

September 28, 2021

It’s not a personal question but your feet smell. Annie wrote in a Dear Annie advice column to report that zinc deficiency can lead to body odor. This includes stinky feet. To find out if zinc can prevent feet from stinking, I looked up zinc science.

Zinc is essential for the proper functioning of over 300 enzymes. The U.S. recommends a daily intake of 8 mg for women and 11 for men. Oysters, chicken, and shellfish are all good sources of zinc. However, most people don’t eat enough zinc. Zinc supplements are available in a variety of forms, including zinc citrate, zirate, picolinate, and sulfate. The sulfate is more affordable than the other forms. (Cooper Complete products use chelate zinc.

There is also a lot of scientific evidence supporting zinc supplementation.

  • Reduce diarrhea severity and duration in malnourished children
  • Aids in healing gastric ulcers
  • Manages the symptoms of sickle cell.
  • Prevent zinc deficiencies. Zinc deficiency symptoms can include hair loss, reduced appetite, and skin and eye conditions.

Research on zinc’s effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of common colds is mixed. A small double-blind study of 100 people with early symptoms of the common cold found that the patients who were given 13.3 mg zinc from zinc gluconate experienced a faster recovery than those in the placebo group. The placebo group had 4 days of coughing, while the placebo group had 2.2 days. Sore throats disappeared in a matter of days. Nasal drainage took place for 4 days. Headache time dropped from three to two days. Other studies have not shown any difference in zinc intake from a placebo.

Zinc can stop feet from stinking. When I tried to find a link between stinky feet and zinc, the scientific literature was not available. Anecdotal evidence suggests that zinc supplements can reduce foot odor. According to the People’s Pharmacy, 50-100 mg of zinc per day can reduce foot odor by as much as 30% in just 30 days. People’s Pharmacy also suggests soaking feet in warm water with tannin acid to stop them from stinking. This remedy is easy to do because tea contains a lot of tannic acids.

Zinc can cause long-term toxic effects, so it is important to discuss any supplements with your doctor.

Cooper Complete multivitamins and mineral supplements, including Basic One contain 15 mg of zinc per day.


Article by Jill Turner (President of Cooper Concepts).


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