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Boron Supplement

August 16, 2021

Boron Supplement is made from boron. Boron is a trace mineral element that was once not paid much attention to. However, interest from scientists and researchers has recently increased in this mineral element. Boron supplements help improve your overall body strength, bone metabolism, cognitive functioning, increasing testosterone levels, and decreasing levels of inflammation.


Boron has some advantages of its own;, but many of its benefits come from its effects on other minerals;—boron impacts the way your body processes key nutrients, including magnesium and calcium. Clinical studies and observations have found the following benefits of boron.

Until recently, it was believed that boron is only beneficial to plants and not humans:

While research is still in its preliminary stages;, new scientific evidence has proven that boron provides numerous benefits to the human body.

Boron can boost your testosterone levels:

Testosterone is an important hormone necessary for performing various functions;, from maintaining body fat levels to building muscular strength and endurance to keeping healthy functioning. Preliminary evidence suggests that boron may reduce estrogen levels in men, leading to increased testosterone levels. However, this was the result of small-scale research, and further studies are required.

Since testosterone levels are affected by changes in the number of trace minerals such as zinc and magnesium, many testosterone boosters include these trace minerals, which suggests that the same might be true for boron.

A scientific study was conducted in 2011 that investigated; the effects of boron on blood levels of hormones and inflammatory markers. The study demonstrated that the intake of boron supplements; led to a significant increase in testosterone levels and a decrease in estrogen levels. This shows that testosterone is affected by boron supplements, among many other nutrients.

Boron can help reduce inflammation in your body:

A study found that boron helps with a significant decrease in pro-inflammatory cytokines. Another study found that if your boron levels are disturbed, the result could be abnormal inflammation. Thus, this supports the idea that boron can actively help reduce inflammation.

Even though boron deficiency is rare;, it can lead to symptoms of osteoarthritis such as joint pain and weak bones,; among other symptoms. While boron deficiency is not a clearly defined medical condition; and is difficult to diagnose, experts have advised that taking boron supplements may help you avoid a deficiency.

A study showed boron levels helping to improve symptoms in patients with osteoarthritis. Four participant groups were there. One received a placebo supplement with no boron included;, while the other three received increasing doses of boron of different ranges. After 2 weeks, the researchers found that the boron supplements patients experienced reduced inflammation in their bodies.

Boron can help support cognitive function:

A published shows the effects of boron supplements on the cognitive functioning of the body. Two groups were a part of the research. One group got high levels of boron while the other didn’t. The results showed that people with high boron consumption had better cognitive abilities compared to those with low.

Low boron intake also adversely affected the reaction time taken by your brain; to give an appropriate reaction to an event. Cognitive abilities decline below a certain level of boron intake. Moreover, it is important to note that most people who came in for the study; had low boron levels indicating a global boron deficiency in human beings.

Boron plays an important role in bone strength:

Boron strongly interacts with different hormones; and calcium levels in your body that help strengthen your bones and maintain that strength even in old age. According to a review paper;, studies in both humans and animals show that lack of boron has detrimental effects on bone strength. A scientific article states that boron helps channel the interactions between calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. If boron levels are below par, this system may not operate well and thus damage your health.

Moreover, a clinical review found that boron is an essential nutrient for healthy bones and joints. It affects how our body processes other key nutrients such as magnesium and calcium. This is why boron improves joint health. However, it is still unknown if boron supplements positively impact healthy people, but initial research seems promising.

Boron can help reduce period pain and symptoms of vaginal infection:

Boron supplements can help reduce painful period symptoms in young women; when taken in large doses of 10 mg per day around the menstruation cycle. These effects cannot be brought from standard doses of 3 mg of boron supplements. However, more research is still required in this regard.

According to a review of clinical evidence;, boric acid is a form of boron that is a safe and economical alternative for women to treat recurrent; and chronic symptoms of yeast and other vaginal infections. However, while boric acid may help fight infection;, it is unclear if the consumption of boron supplements can treat vaginal infections.

Increasing your boron intake might help improve blood lipids and lead to weight loss:

Boron is present in small amounts in various foods such as avocados, dried apples, bananas, almonds, and other nuts.

A study followed 13 women with a high-boron diet over the period of one month. It shows that after receiving a high boron diet, the women had lower cholesterol levels and body mass index. The findings suggest that boron could play a role in decreasing body mass and lower your risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases. However, the sample size of this research was minimal, so it is not evident if the results were due to boron addition or other factors. A solid conclusion doesn’t exist.

While all the above mentioned benefits have been studied, there is still insufficient evidence to back them up.

Side effects

Till now, no studies have shown boron supplements to have detrimental effects on a person’s health. Boron’s research is fairly new, It does not have side effects. You should stick to the recommended doses.

You should take 20 mg Tolerable Upper Limit Level per day. It is safe with no side effects. However, boron consumption can lead to poisoning and symptoms including skin peeling, inflammation, nausea, weakness, headaches, irritability, etc. Therefore, certain groups that can be sensitive to these effects, such as pregnant or breastfeeding women, those with breast, uterine or ovarian cancer, paints with kidney disease or compromised kidney function, and those with hormone-sensitive medical conditions should be cautious about taking boron and must consult with their doctors before starting a boron supplement.

Recommended dose

Till now, the most examined dosage range is 1.5 to 6 mg per day. As per research, your body may produce 1-2 mg of boron naturally. So at around 2 and 3 mg of boron supplements per day, you will get the best results. Higher doses have not shown any added benefit.

You should take boron only once a day with or without a meal. Recommended dose that has been studied and ruled as safe is 3mg per day. notes that the ideal dosage is still unknown because the federal government has not yet established the Recommended Daily Allowance. However, you should take Tolerable Upper only 20 mg per day.

Who Should Buy Boron?

Boron is a rare mineral that has some specific uses. It’s useful for increasing testosterone and reducing estrogen levels in your body, along with other uses like improving cognitive function, reducing inflammation, and improving bones, to name a few.

The role of Boron supplements like other similar minerals such as selenium and copper is still unclear, but it appears that it aids certain enzymes along biochemical pathways.

Older men face health-related issues such as slower than normal cognitive performance, decreased testosterone levels, and weaker bones making Boron supplements ideal. Boron supplements benefit older women with better bone health. It has proved that calcium and vitamin d yield better results for bone strength. Like fish oil, boron supplements are a good alternative for people looking to minimize the effects of age on their cognitive functioning. Older adults can also benefit from boron’s anti-inflammatory properties, especially people with arthritis. The market for boron supplements might be pretty small right now, but it may grow to be a big one due to the product’s benefits.

How Do I Pick a Good Boron Product?

A good boron supplement must contain a sufficient amount of active ingredients, i.e., 3 mg of boron. Moreover, it should be manufactured by a reputable producer that sources its ingredients sustainably and with care and does not include any fillers, additives, or unnecessary ingredients. Lastly, it should be readily available at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boron Supplements

Q: Does boron increase estrogen?

A: while research on boron is still in its early stages, it has been found that boron actually decreases estrogen and increases testosterone. A study on men given 11.6 mg of boron every day found increased testosterone and decreased estrogen levels. Another research conducted on postmenopausal women found that even though boron did not increase their estrogen levels, a boron supplement for those with low levels of boron in their body helped them gain bone mass and decrease their calcium excretion.

Q: Is boron harmful to humans?

A: Professionals don’t have recommended daily dosage. People should get 1 to 1.3 mg of boron in their regular diets. However, according to an animal-based study, a very high dose of boron can be toxic for the development of a fetus. You should not take boron supplements during pregnancy. Healthy adults can take boron because it has not shown any side effects, at least in the short run.

Q: Is boron good for arthritis?

A: Boron has anti-inflammatory effects. It increases researcher interest in using it as a supplement for arthritis. One research found that the chances of developing arthritis in areas with low boron intake are much higher than those with high boron intakes. Another study conducted on a placebo-controlled trial found that 6 mg of boron supplements led to improvements in arthritis symptoms.

Q: Does boron have benefits for the brain?

A: Boron supplements have proven to be beneficial in bringing about cognitive benefits for its users. A study found that boron deficiencies have caused problems in the functioning of the central nervous system and that increasing boron levels can improve cognitive performance. Researchers conducted many experiments. Manipulated boron levels from a low of 0.25 mg of boron per day to a high of 3.25 mg of boron per day to test their cognitive performance. The results showed that higher boron levels were related to higher scores on the cognitive assessments test, thus helping with the case that they can lead to better memory, hand-eye coordination, attention, perception, and manual dexterity. Thus boron supplements can prove to be an effective way of enhancing your brain function, especially if your diet lacks the optimal amount of boron content.

Q: Should you take boron before bed?

A: There is no best time to take boron. The absorption and excretion of different boron supplements test is still underway. However, scientific studies show that boron supplementation once per day is safe, but the best time to take it is still unknown

.Q: What foods have boron in them?

A: Boron-rich foods are mainly nuts, seeds, avocado, and some types of fruits, such as apples, bananas, and pears. Research methods have often used dried fruit to deliver a large amount of boron and speed up its consumption. However, it is important to be careful about the sugar intake with dried fruits because many lower quality dried fruit producers add a large amount of sugar to the fruit, which could be harmful to your body.

Q: Does a boron supplement boost testosterone levels?

A: A study conducted on eight men given 11.6 mg of boron for seven days found that boron does help increase testosterone levels to a certain extent; however, another study conducted on bodybuilders found boron supplementation brought about no increase in their testosterone levels. This shows a conflict, but the first study where testosterone levels increased and estrogen levels dropped gives some hope about boron’s effectiveness in boosting testosterone levels.

Q: Can boron help erectile dysfunction?

A: So far, research has shown no evidence that boron can directly improve erectile dysfunction. However, if the erectile dysfunction is due to low testosterone levels and the low testosterone levels are due to low boron content in your body, then there is a possibility that boron can help. A study was done on trace minerals and supplements for helping with erectile dysfunction, but unfortunately, it did not specifically discuss boron. Therefore, a better solution to erectile dysfunction might be a male enhancement pill or a nitric oxide supplement.

How We Ranked

Since the research on boron supplementation in humans is still in the early stages, we had a fundamental boron supplement ranking criteria. We looked for the purest, simplest, and the one with the most results.

Generally speaking, you’ll see two types of boron supplements available in the market: tablets and capsules or liquid ionic boron. Our research team decided to prefer tablets and pills over the liquid form of boron supplements because they offer more predictable and consistent dosages. The main weakness of using liquid-based boron supplements is that it is more difficult to measure accurate doses with an eyedropper than tablet-making machinery. Tablets and capsules also require less in the way of preservatives, stabilizers, or flavoring agents.

However, liquid boron supplements are great for people already taking lots of pills or who want to add boron into a specially designed green drink, smoothie, or protein shake. Beyond the physical form, we also looked at the actual molecular form of boron. Some supplements only supply a single form of boron, while others use multiple molecular to increase the supplement’s effectiveness.

More Details…

As usual, a supplement that used a cellulose capsule rather than animal-based gelatin was preferred because it helped improve compatibility with vegetarian and vegan diets. In terms of the dosage of boron, we mainly looked for supplements that provide doses in the general range of two to three milligrams per day. A few supplements went up to 12mg, but most were within 2-3mg. As we do with all of our ratings, here also we valued purity and clean supplement design. Still, since boron is a very straightforward supplement, these factors became more important than they usually are.

We didn’t rate products that had a lot of fillers in them. Some products with other formulas, such as B12, were rated lower because there was no empirical support. We rated the products based on their delivery format, the form of boron used in them, capsule substance, and purity, and in the end, we got a list of the best boron supplements available on the market.

Keeping all the basis of the ranking mentioned above, we have drafted the following list for you.

Pure Encapsulations Boron Glycinate

Pure Encapsulations Boron is a minimal and easily absorbable boron supplement. It helps ensure the utilization of healthy nutrients and hormones because it is delivered using boron glycinate. This boron supplement comes in a vegetable-based cellulose capsule that is vegan-friendly and free from GMO and gluten. This boron supplement contains no additional ingredient and offers 2 mg of boron per serving. However, this is less than the standard dose of 3 mg of boron per serving. If you do not need a high dose, Pure Encapsulations Boron Glycinate should be your top choice.

Now Boron

Now Boron offers a 3 mg dose of boron per serving in the form of calcium borogluconate. It is available in an animal-based gelatin capsule with additional ingredients, rice flour, and stearic acid, to hold the capsule together. It is easy to absorb and available in a simple package, thus making it a great choice for buyers.

Swanson Triple Boron Complex

Swanson Triple Boron Complex is a unique boron supplement that includes three different forms of boron, citrate, aspartate, and glycinate to reach a high level of bioavailability. It is made using GMP protocol and guaranteed purity and potency. Due to the inclusion of the three types of boron, the amount of boron you consume from this boron supplement will be higher than that received from its competitors’ products. While this may be a good choice for those looking for boron supplements that can provide them with higher levels of boron, it is not a priority for everyone, especially because higher levels of boron have not been proven yet to bring in any additional benefits to its users.

Trace Minerals Ionic Boron

Trace Minerals Ionic Boron is available in liquid form that uses an ionic salt form of boron. This boron supplement delivers 6 mg of boron and small doses of other minerals, including magnesium and calcium. However, it isn’t easy to measure a precise dose of boron supplement in its liquid form. Therefore, many people choose to include a couple of drops of it in their shakes and smoothies.

This is a great choice for those who cannot or do not wish to take a capsule-based boron supplement.

Bluebonnet Triple Boron

Bluebonnet is well-known for the purity of its supplements, and its boron supplement is remarkable. It includes three forms of boron, glycinate, citrate, and aspartate. It offers 3 mg of boron per serving and comes in a vegetable-cellulose capsule free from gluten and vegan-friendly. While this is a unique boron supplement, it is more expensive than its competitors due to the combination of three different forms of boron.

Good State Health Solutions Natural Ionic Boron

Good State Health Solutions is a supplements manufacturer that manufactures a liquid form of boron supplement, which is mainly boric acid dissolved in highly purified water. This is a good option for those who require a high dose of boron in liquid form. However, it isn’t easy to measure the accurate amount of boron supplements taken out from a liquid form of supplement, which leads to the offsetting of benefits boron supplements can bring. It is a great choice for those who want a high volume of high doses of the liquid form of boron and those who do not want to or cannot have a pill-based boron supplement.

Life Extension Boron

A well-known supplement brand that provides a boron supplement of enhancing the impact of boron on your body by taking advantage of the evolving knowledge on boron’s biological role. Life Extension does this by combining boron with Vitamin B2 for enhanced hormonal benefits.

It is formed using three sources of biotin, citrate, glycinate, and aspartate, enhancing its bioavailability. However, since research on boron is still so far behind and lacking, it isn’t easy to understand how combining it with Vitamin B2 could bring about any benefits to its consumers.

Twinlab Tri-Boron

Twinlab manufactures a three source boron supplement, including citrate, aspartate, and glycinate, that delivers 3 mg of boron, 500 mg calcium, 200 IU Vitamin D, 250 mg magnesium, 5 mg zinc, 250 mcg copper, and 5 mg manganese. The addition of these extra ingredients is why the boron supplement by TwinLab has scored a lower position in the rankings compared to other boron supplements that use lesser additional ingredients.

Nature’s Way Boron Complex

Nature’s Way manufactures a boron supplement that offers 3 mg of boron per serving and is delivered as an amino acid chelate. It is free from gluten, yeast, sugar, wheat, corn, soy, dairy, and the most common allergens. However, it does not mention which amino acids this boron supplement is chelated with, thus making its comparisons difficult with other boron supplements available in the market. Therefore, other boron supplements may be preferred over Nature’s Way Boron Complex.

Vibrant Health Super Natural Boron

Vibrant Health Super Natural Boron is a boron supplement that is delivered in the form of calcium fructoborate. It is combined with broccoli powder to add green superfood powder. This boron supplement provides 3 mg of boron per serving. While the broccoli powder may be beneficial on its own, the research conducted on its pairing with boron is inadequate. Therefore, it is considered better to take a more focused boron supplement.

More boron rankings…

NOW Foods Boron

NOW Foods Boron contains 3mg of boron per serving. This boron supplement is free of GMO and common allergens. It is simple, reliable, affordable, and manufactured by a well-known health supplements and food industry company. The company does not compromise on quality and is a top priority for most users.

Life Extension Boron

This boron supplement that is an advanced chelate complex formula in addition to 3 mg of boron and 25 mg of riboflavin (Vitamin B2) per serving. Life Extension’s commitment to helping their customers lead healthier and longer lives has allowed them to manufacture products focusing on quality, purity, and potency. Life Extension Boron is a great boron supplement that is easy to take, reasonably priced, and packaged in vegetarian capsules.

Swanson Triple Boron Complex

Swanson Triple Boron Complex is an innovative boron supplement that combines 3 separate kinds of boron supplements, including boron complex from citrate, aspartate, and glycinate. Its made with GMP protocol and guaranteed purity and potency. This is a good product, but expensive compared to other boron supplements due to the different types. It is still unknown if having multiple types of boron brings in more advantages than a single type.

Nature’s Way Boron Complex

Nature’s Way Boron Complex is a premium quality boron supplement with 3mg of boron amino acid complex per serving. It is free from gluten, yeast, sugar, wheat, corn, soy, dairy, and the most common allergens. It is affordable and contains carefully tested ingredients. Moreover, Nature’s Way is a well-known supplements manufacturer with worldwide distribution. Nature’s Way Boron Complex is a great choice for someone who wants to have a reliable boron supplement with good reviews and affordable prices.

Twinlab Tri-Boron Plus

Twinlab Tri-Boron Plus is a unique boron supplement that includes 5 mg boron, 500 mg calcium, 200 in Vitamin D, 250 mg magnesium, 5 mg zinc, 250 mcg copper, and 5 mg manganese. Its formula provides the necessary cofactors for improved boron absorption and efficacy. Twinlab is known for pursuing high-quality supplements and health aids.

Pure Encapsulations – Boron (Glycinate)

Pure Encapsulations is a supplement manufacturer that prioritizes the purity and simplicity of effective formulas. Their boron supplement is a hypoallergenic supplement containing 2mg of boron per serving. It is free of gluten, GMO, and common allergens. However, one drawback is that its dosage size is relatively small as compared to other boron supplements.

Solgar Calcium Magnesium Boron

Solgar Calcium Magnesium Boron is a special boron supplement that combines three minerals, 3mg of boron, 1000 mg of calcium, and 400 mg of magnesium. While this may benefit someone who lacks adequate amounts of all three of these minerals, it may not attract someone looking for a pure boron supplement.

BlueBonnet Triple Boron

BlueBonnet Triple Boron is a unique boron supplement. It combines 3 forms of the boron mineral, citrate, aspartate, and glycinate form, into one with 3 mg of boron level present in every serving. Users don’t know the benefits of taking multiple forms of boron. This boron supplement is available in vegetarian capsules and is free of most allergens. However, due to the combination of three different forms of boron, it is more expensive than its competitors in the market.

Swanson Chelated Boron

Swanson has been in the supplement industry for the past 50 years. Its Chelated Boron is a powerful boron supplement that offers 6mg of boron’s active ingredient in every serving. However, since it includes a higher dose of boron than average, it is more expensive. The higher dose may or may not be useful for you, depending on your specific reasons for taking boron supplements.

Piping Rock Health Products Triple Action Boron

Piping Rock Boron Complex is a simple boron supplement that offers 3mg of the active ingredient per serving. It is a quick-release capsule but contains unnecessary fillers, making its competitors’ products more attractive to the consumer.


Boron has many functions, from keeping testosterone levels up to maintaining bone strength and keeping inflammation down. It may be more beneficial to men with lower testosterone levels and brain fog than people with arthritis. There are no known side effects of the supplement, and the optimal range of the dose is 2-3mg per day.