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Best DIM Supplements

August 16, 2021

DIM Supplements are the best way to stock up on the missing chemical compound. A natural chemical, DIM, or diindolylmethane, naturally occurs in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, and bok choy, as well as superfood green beverages. An effective cancer fighter and anti-inflamator DIM Supplements work well for both.

To synergize hormone function DIM combined with other hormones, such as vitamin D. If you’re seeking these kinds of advantages, this article will guide you through some of the finest DIM supplements available.


Dosage and effectiveness were our two primary factors for DIM rankings.


DIM dosages of less than 100 mg are ineffective, while more than 300 mg doses are more likely to produce adverse effects. As a result, we only included DIM items in the list that contained at least 100 mg of pure DIM but no more than 300 mg.


In terms of efficacy, we only listed items that had the main emphasis on DIM; the list is clear of everything else. Although we permitted goods that included extra beneficial components such as vitamin D or BioPerine (a proprietary black powder), we did not approve items that contained additional harmful chemicals.

You can be confident you’re receiving a high-quality product if you use our rankings, including purity, effectiveness, and clean supplement design.

DIM Supplements Advantages

People who eat many green vegetables in their diet seem to have a reduced risk of some malignancies. DIM is present in these vegetable. They show possible biochemical effects in slowing or inhibiting the development of malignant cells. Estrogen receptors is present in some cancer types. The interaction explains the DIM’s biochemical attack on cancer cells. DIM does not seem to decrease estrogen levels in the body directly, but it does appear to act on estrogen receptors.

When tested on animals. along with anti-cancer properties, DIMS also has anti-inflammatory properties and increases bone mass.

Anti-cancer properties

Prostate Cancer

A 2011 research used adenocarcinoma mouse prostate model to look at the impact of DIM on the development of prostate cancer. It slowed the progression of prostate cancer in mice and reduced the number of viable cells. As a result, scientists concluded that DIM Supplements help suppress prostate cancer.

Breast Cancer

Nutrition Reviews in 2016 published a study showing DIM’s anti-initiating impact on breast tumors through its capacity to promote cellular detoxification. Clinical trials using DIM supplementation, on the other hand, are few. Several studies examining the function of DIM in the prevention of breast cancer are ongoing.

Endometrial Cancer

The most frequent kind of cancer affecting the female reproductive organs is endometrial cancer. A research published in Carcinogenesis showed the impact of DIM on cell proliferation by investigating using a human endometrial cancer cell line in . According to the findings, DIM reduced growth cell proliferation by 20% and 40% after 24 hours of therapy.

Increased Bone mass

DIM’s impact on bone mass in mice was studied in 2015 research. DIM injections twice a week for a month resulted in a substantial increase in bone mass in the mice.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Because of the link between chronic inflammation and cancer development, scientists have been researching DIM’s anti-inflammatory properties. DIM reduced periodontal tissue inflammation (gum infection) in mice after one week of therapy in clinical trials, promoting alveolar bone repair in the experimental periodontitis mouse model. You can use DIM’s to treat Periodental disorders.

DIM Supplements Negative effects

DIM is generally safe to use. However, it may cause adverse effects in some people. Adverse effects of the supplement include:

  • Urine discoloration
  • Problems with digestion
  • Rashes
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • One patient developed central serous chorioretinopathy (a condition that causes vision loss) after taking too much DIM every day for two months. Stopping medication did not bring about the symptoms again.
  • Medicine concertration alters when DIM interacts with cytochrome P450 substrates. This etabolized by this enzyme in the bloodstream.
  • DIM may cause headaches and vomiting, but only at large dosages of 300 mg taken all at once.

These effects did not appear in ordinary, garden-variety DIM but only in high dosages of specially designed DIM compounds.

DIM Supplements Dosage suggestions

The optimum dosage for optimal effectiveness has been determined after several clinical studies using DIM.

Most clinical studies utilized DIM dosages ranging from 100 to 300 mg. Most individuals do not exhibit any evidence of DIM in their blood at a dosage of 50 mg. Thee minimal moderate effective DIM dosage is at least 100 mg.

In the case of designed DIM, dosages more than 200 mg should be used with care since levels greater than 300 mg have been linked to significant adverse effects.

One research found that DIM takes up to two hours to absorb into the body completely, that a dosage stays at high concentrations in the blood for 4-8 hours, and that Dim levels in the body return to zero after 24 hours. For optimal effectiveness take DIM at the same time every day. A dose of 150 mg once or 100 mg twice a day.

The top ten DIM supplements available on the market

DIM Nutricost

Each Nutricost DIM supplement contains 300 mg of DIM and 5 mg of BioPerine per capsule (a proprietary black pepper extract included for its ability to promote absorption and bioavailability). There are a handful of additional binders in the capsules, but it is otherwise vegetarian-friendly. The supplement is an excellent choice for a DIM supplement.

DIM Active Zhou

When one chemical is removed from a nutritious meal, some of the synergies between the other chemicals in the food are lost. Zhou combats this by combining DIM with other components, including broccoli seed extract, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E in a 250 mg dosage.

Compared to taking DIM alone, the combined effect of these substances is expected to provide greater results. This is reasonable logic; nevertheless, it is entirely up to you. This supplement is an excellent option if you want extra nutrients in addition to DIM.

Vitamin DIM

We Like Vitamins uses high-purity DIM, and each capsule contains 100 milligrams of DIM. That’s a very modest dosage. The pills themselves are made of gelatin. Therefore strict vegetarians should avoid them.

It’s an excellent choice for beginners, and after you’ve become accustomed to it, you may go to other high-dose items.

aSquared Nutrition DIM

A low-dose DIM supplement that contains no other components. It contains 100 mg of DIM in a gelatin capsule with rice flour as a filler.

DIM Source Naturals

The DIM solution from Source Naturals is specifically designed to promote breast health. It has a modest DIM of 100 mg per capsule, but it also includes lecithin from soybeans to enhance estrogen activity, as well as BioPerine and vitamin E.

It’s a less flexible DIM supplement for women, but it’s a decent option.

DIM DrFormulas

DrFormulas is a well-known DIM supplement that contains 100 mg of Dim and BioPerine for improved absorption. Two pills, twice a day, is the suggested dose.

On the other hand, the supplement includes a lot of additional binders and excipients, which reduces the purity of the product.

Purest Vantage DIM

In its purest form DIM, Vantage is a supplement containing 600 IU of vitamin D and Dong Quai (a Chinese herbal extract with hormone-modulating characteristics), and BioPerine, which is specially developed for hormonal purposes. It is a less flexible type of DIM intake, but it is more helpful for hormonal disorders.

Bulksupplements DIM Supplements

When it comes to extremely pure vitamins, Bulksupplements are always a smart option. It enables dosage modification, which most individuals prefer.

However, as previously said, the DIM dose is suggested to be between 100mg and 300mg. You’ll need to measure the dosage precisely. You should definitely choose a capsule-based DIM supplement unless you intend to create a specific blend of DIM with other supplements or a DIM and smoothie combination.

DIM-plus Estrogen Metabolism by Nature’s Way

The DIM formulation from Nature’s Way is designed to target estrogen processing directly. This medication is well-suited to treating premenstrual syndrome in women, as well as other estrogen-related problems.

However, the real DIM dose is shallow when combined with a limited number of vegetable isolates from spinach, broccoli, and cabbage.

As a result, most individuals are unlikely to benefit from Nature’s Way DIM-plus Estrogen Metabolism.

Solaray Supreme DIM Supplements

DIM Solaray Supreme claims to boost DIM’s effectiveness by mixing it with broccoli seed extract and bioflavonoids, but it doesn’t say where these flavonoids are from. As a result, it’s difficult to say if these additional components will substantially improve the DIM’s effectiveness.

Because DIM’s dose is so modest (100 mg each capsule), it’s unlikely to be advised.